Doron Eran

Melting Away

When Shlomo discovers in his trans daughter’s Assaf room, women’s clothing and accessories, he decides to ‘teach the boy a lesson’. When Assaf returns to her parents’ home on a rainy night from a party, her attempts to enter home fail. Her father, with the silent consent of her mother, locked the door. At present, 4 years later, Gallia turns to an investigation agency to help her find her daughter Assaf and bring him to Shlomo, her father who is dying of cancer. One night, at a night club in Tel Aviv, Assaf is seen performing as a beautiful transgender lady singer who goes by the name of Anna. After a few days a private nurse turns up at Shlomo’s room at the hospital, sent as she claims by the insurance agency to assist Shlomo. The nurse is Anna (his daughter Assaf) and she manages to conquer Shlomo’s heart by her charming personality and her special attitude toward life.

Produced and Directed by: Doron Eran

Cast:  Chen Yanni, Yonatan Barak, Ami Weinberg