Doron Eran

Chasing shadow

Feature film inspired by true events.

(Inspired by Natan Ronen’s bestseller on Amazon)

Eric Bar-Natan had retired from operational activities, was appointed as the Prime Minister’s Adviser on National Security, and for the first time in his life, also managed to build a real relationship for himself and become a devoted father to his toddler.

But then his life unfolds at once. The Prime Minister was killed in a mysterious plane crash and his successor, a Member of Knesset from the back benches who rolled into office by chance, provides him with impressive promotions that will help him in the election.

Spanning Europe and North Africa, moving between centers of espionage, betrayal, crime and even social loyalty Chasing Shadows tells the story of special people who dedicate their lives to the security of their country and pay an expensive personal price.