Doron Eran


2-part Television Mini-Seriess

Michael, a journalist for C.B.N in Jerusalem, is the Jewish son of a rabbi buried on Mount Scopus. He is the senior reporter at the CBN news desk in Jerusalem, making sure to report unilaterally on relations between Israel and the Palestinians, even as he reports amongst dozens of bodies of dead passengers after a bus explodes in the city streets.

The Israeli government considers Michael to be pro-Palestinian. His young daughter, who arrives in Jerusalem by surprise, is found dead in the Jewish cemetery on Mount Scopus after being raped.

Soon, two young Palestinians charged with the act are arrested, tried and sent to life in prison. A few months later, the Israeli government decides to exchange Palestinian prisoners with Hamas and accepts 3 Israeli prisoners in return.

Michael’s daughter’s murderers’ names are on the prisoners list and Michael decides to go on a revenge campaign against them and prevent the exchange of prisoners at all costs.