Wild Dogs

(Israel, Hebrew, 2008)

Producer: Doron Eran

Director: Arnon Zadok

Actors: Lior Ashkenazi, Ayelet Zurer, Alon Abutbul, Neta Garty, Yigal Adika, Eliana Bakier, Chaim Elmakis, Pini Kidron, Yiftach Klein, Amos Lavi, Matti Seri, Yossi Yablonka.

“In this wasteland, only wild dogs run free”
Assi Dayan – screenwriter

 Feature / Action Thriller

Written by acclaimed Israeli filmmaker ASSI DAYAN and starring LIOR ASHKENAZI (“Walk on Water”) and Ayelet Zurer (Spielberg’s “Munich”)

A social drama depicting the struggle of a man between his loyalty to his country, to his family and friends and of his own integrity. As the wheel turns, he finds himself vigorously fighting against the filth of society which is later applauded by the masses.
Through this fiction story, Israel 2006 is presented in its poorest and most critical state, where keeping one’s pride and righteous ways brings upon an insane state of being.

In Israel 2006, a young lawyer, Uri, faces a moral dilemma when asked to lie for his friend who is being accused for murdering an Arab boy during a military operation. As he plans to tell the awful truth, he faces the brutal death of his wife, a social worker trying to rescue the poor from their lowlife existence.
It is now his fate to seek revenge, and he embarks on a personal crusade.

Israel Film Fund