To Be A Star

(Israel, Hebrew / Turkish, 2003)

Producer: Doron Eran

Director: Arnon Zadok

Actors: Alona Tal, Arnon Zadok, Oshri Cohen, Chaim Elmakis, Gabi Amrani, Dalit Armati, Pini Tavger, Iris Pen, Iris Barnea, Jil Ben David, Jonathan Cherchi, Shir Idelson, David Karibushi, Shanti Klain, Oded Leopold, Shalom Shmuelov, Lee Talchi.

 Feature / Drama – Musical

To be a star

The exciting story of a drama teacher, who is accused in rape by one of his female students. From an egocentric actor and dictator, he now learns to help other people and use his teaching talents wisely.