The Messenger

( Israel, 2016)

Producer: Billi Ben Moshe

Director: Doron Eran

 Feature – Documentary

 WorldFest- Houston 2016- Silver Remi Award
Inspired Faith Film Festival, Atlanta 2016
Christian Movie Festival, Germany 2016
Great Lakes Christian Film Festival, Buffalo 2016
CMM Christian Film Festival 2016

Inspired by the life story of Jacob Damkani, one of most well-known Messianic Jewish figures in the world, this exciting documentary tells the story of Jacob, who grew up in Israel to an impoverished family and ends up turning to crime.  He escapes to N.Y where he discovers the Messianic faith that recognizes Jesus as the Messiah. The faith completely transforms Jacob and leads him back to Israel as a missionary to spread the belief.  He soon finds himself in a struggle against his family who refuse to accept him and his beliefs as well as against the Jewish Orthodox establishment that threatens his life.

“The Messenger ” is an emotional film about a man who found a new spirit through his belief in “God the Son.”  It is about a man who in his eyes, found the true way of the Jewish faith, a way he believes in with all of his heart, against all the odds.