Strangers in the Night

(Israel, English, 1993)

Producer: Doron Eran

Director: Serge Ankri

Actors: Anthony Delon, Charlotte Véry, Yael Abecassis, Amos Lavi

 Feature / Thriller

 Starring French stars Anthony Delon and Charlotte Very (“A Winter‘s Tale”)

Strangers in the Night

An unscheduled landing in a foreign city forces the two heroes to spend a night together. During the night, Jean (Charlotte Very) and Richard’s (Anthony Delon) experience culminates their mutual attraction until they join in passionate sex.

The start of this strange night is coincidental, but as it unfolds, it turns out that Richard’s past is leading and directing the strange happenings. We discover that Richard had served in this foreign city while stationed as a soldier in a UN peace-keeping mission. While spending each night with a different girl, one of them eventually becomes pregnant and insists on keeping the baby.

Richard tries to escape the past, but the girl’s family hunts him down in an attempt to force him to accept parental responsibility.