Primal Justice

(Israel, Hebrew, 1998)

Producer: Doron Eran

Director: Arnon Zadok

Actors: Arnon Zadok, Ofra Haza, Neta Moran, Gabi Amrani

 Feature / Drama

 Mediterranean Film Festival, Brussels

 Starring Israel’s late Ofra Haza

Primal Justice

When assigned to investigate the identity of a body found buried at the beach, homicide detective Gidi Waxman uncovers much more than he was prepared for. What started out as a routine murder case leads Waxman on a journey of self-discovery, challenging the very foundation of his own identity.

“Primal Justice” is based on one of the best kept secrets of Israeli society. In the 1950’s, hundreds of babies mysteriously “disappeared” from maternity wards throughout the young state of Israel. The parents, mostly Yemenite immigrants believing in the sacred holiness of the newly restored Jewish homeland, never even attempted to question the authorities when told that children had died shortly after birth. Forty-five years later, in Israel as well as in the U.S, these dark skinned Yemenite “children”, now adults, were discovered in the homes of childless European Holocaust survivors.

Director Arnon Zadok, born to Yemenite immigrants, brings to the screen a powerful and moving drama about a search for identity in the 90’s, in the melting pot of an immigrants’ society. Carefully exploring all facets of this delicate issue, Zadok confronts the duality of an Eastern European upbringing and the Yemenite culture of his birth.