Operation Transplant

(Israel / USA, Hebrew / English, 2004)

Producer: Doron Eran

Director: Arnon Zadok

Actors: Galit Asis, Oshik Gino, Uri Alter, Mor Danon, Nadin Gal, Igor Moshkatin, Ludmila Moskvitina, Yossi Tayeb, Yael Zadok

Documentary / Drama

 Produced with the special support of the Israeli Association for organ donations

With the participation of:
Jayson Arisson, Sherry Arisson, Tamar Askenzi, Verd Azolay, Dr. Eitan Eis-Tov, Dr. Jay Lavi, Nezhiya Eis-Tov, Zvi Erlich, Anat Glazer, Sozan Hadash, Rabbi Israel Lau, Danny Nave, Reot Oren, Shmoel Rozebahn, Amos Shapira, Amir Yizhakov, Nitzan Ziser

Operation Transplant

A docu-drama reenacting an impressive joint operation in which the dead body of a young Israeli from the USA to Israel, using his organs to save the lives of five other people.
Through dramatic scenes and the participation of those who enabled this tremendous feat, this incredible task unfolds as the countdown of the donor’s vital signs goes on.