(Israel, Hebrew, 2011)

Producer: Doron Eran

Director: Arnon Zadok


 Moscow International Film Festival
Sofia International Film Festival – Sofia Meetings
Beijing International Film Festival – “Best long nerrative”

Nika, 21, was kidnapped and sold into the global sex-trade as many Ukrainian girls often are.  Ivan, married to Natasha and father to 12 year-old Anastasia lost a large sum of money in a card game and now owes Franco, a terrifying mob boss from the Zaprozha crime family.  Franco also happens to be the man who sold Nika into slavery.

As part of his debt, Ivan is forced to watch over Nika in a mysterious apartment for two weeks until she is shipped off to Eastern Europe where she will never be heard from again.  Certain that the cards were marked, Ivan steals the deck but cannot find any sign of tampering.  He tells his wife that he’s found work in a lead factory and goes off to watch over Nika.  He watches her everyday and then ties her to her bed every night before he goes home to his family as if it were a normal workday.

Nika and Ivan’s relationship fluctuates between humiliation and love over the next two weeks – everyone lies to each other and the fateful card game where Ivan lost all his money hangs over their head.  Ivan has bouts of violent anger as well as remorse.  Nika is forced to navigate around Ivan’s sudden violent outbursts until Ivan realizes that he has fallen in love with Nika and that he will kill the man that is coming to collect her, take the money for her transfer and escape.  Things however, have a way of changing…