(USA, English, 1995)

Producer: Doron Eran

Director: Ken Russel

Actors: Ishai Golan, Terence Stamp, Idan Alterman, Uri Geller

 Feature / Fantasy Drama

 Directed by award winner KEN RUSSEL starring TERENCE STAMP

The acclaimed great director, Oscar nominee and Cannes Festival winner KEN RUSSEL, creates the most fantastic, mind boggling picture about telepathy.
Inspired by the true life story of URI GELLER, the greatest talent in the world in MAGIC & WONDER.
An American scientist (TERENCE STAMP) investigates and proves the incredible unexplained psychic powers of the amazing young man URI GELLER (portrayed by the breathtaking ISHAY GOLAN). This modern film brings to the audience a unique interactive experience leaving them amazed and puzzled of what they have seen, heard and felt.