Days of Love

(Israel, English, 2005)

Producer: Doron Eran

Director: Menahem Golan

Actors: Maya Buskila, Nir Levy, Moran Atias, Joseph Shiloach, Zachi Noy, Natali Atiya, Ran Bechor, Rami Bouzaglo, Amos Lavi

Feature – Musical / Romance

Starring Israel’s leading pop singer Maya Buskila

Days of love

Dudu Ben-David is the most popular rock singer in Israel, his massive success is matched only by his drug and alcohol addiction. During a performance in small town, he meets his admirer Margalit, a young girl dreaming to become a singer. Dudu sees her performing in a local night club, and immediately falls in love with her voice and looks.
Their love story slowly develops, as Dudu takes over Margalit, launching a career for her as a singer. He hopes that through this he will win her heart, together with her voice.

Their whole story is seen very badly by Margalit’s father, who resents Dudu and the career his daughter had embarked on.
When Dudu asks Margalit to marry him, her father angrily dismisses the both of them and they elope to marry in a magical Greek island.
Later returning home, the couple is finally accepted by Margalit’s father, who celebrates their love in a traditional grandiose wedding.
He now learns that Margalit is pregnant and he is about to become a grandfather.

But this happy story takes a tragic turn, when Dudu’s addiction increases we reach the tragic and unfortunate ending.