Cold Feet

(Israel, Hebrew, 2009)

Producer: Doron Eran

Director: Doron Eran

Actors: Ron Shahar, Hilla Vidor, Iris Pen, Zion Barouch, Hila Eran, Dvir Bandak, Iris Barnea, Chaim Elmakis, Ilana Lalchok, Yossi Yablonka, Arnon Zadok.

 Feature / Romantic Comedy

A crowded wedding hall. The groom is waiting; the parents and their guests are waiting; but it doesn’t help. The bride, Naomi, is not arriving.
Meanwhile, the lonely bride sits in a small café. It’s half an hour to the alter, but she is unable to get out and go take part in the marital ceremony with her

“supposedly designated” choice of heart.
While the groom takes off in a car, touring the city for an answer, the bride explains herself to the waiter and waitress.
Following several nocturnal encounters with different odd couples, he finally enters the café and meets the bride. This is the first time they lay eyes on each

other! It becomes apparent that they came from two different weddings!
Like in a fairy tale, they drive to the airport and board the next flight heading for Paris.
What happens there? That’s a different story.