Casit Not Just a Café

(Israel, 2010)

Producer: Doron Eran



For over three decades, the small café on Dizengoff Street in Tel-Aviv was the beating heart of the Israeli bohemian scene.  Generations of poets, actors, singers and entertainers lived and died over Chetzkel’s famous matzo ball soup – managers, directors, men and women whose names have become legends.  Café Casit was not just a place to break bread, it was a home.

Tunes and melodies that were hummed over dinner one night, were, the next morning, sung by an entire nation.   An idea scribbled on a Casit napkin one day turned into a successful musical the next.  More than once a joke or two between two drunk Casiter’s turned into a hilarious motion picture which split the ribs of the entire country.

Casit Café became the hub of the most talented artists in the history of Israeli culture, where the patrons of the café shared the most memorable parts of their lives.  Casit was the place where life-changing moments occurred, where contracts were signed, where couples were married (and divorced), where funerals came and went.  The story of Café Casit transcends time touching every important moment in the history of Israeli culture.