Beyond the Walls II

(Israel, Hebrew, 1992)

Producer: Doron Eran

Director: Uri Barbash

Actors: Mohammed Bakri, Arnon Zadok, Assaf Ashtar, Ezra Dagan, Rami Danon, Levana Finkelstein, Roberto Pollack, Boaz Sharabi, Shlomo Tarshish

 Feature / Drama

 Directed by Israel’s acclaimed filmmakers URI and BENNY BARABASH and winner of the Best Actor award at the Valencia Film Festival, Spain

The film continues the intriguing story which began in “BEYOND THE WALLS”, following the two inmates of different origins.
The two decide to breakout of prison together, and find themselves escaping from the law, handcuffed to each other, on their way to freedom. Thier joint escape takes them A story of an incredible friendship, developing between an Israeli and a Palestinian inmate as they serve their jail term.
This impossible duo, and their joint escape from the prison, symbolizes the difficult path in bridging over the cultural and political differences of the two people composing the state of Israel.