Back to freedom

(Israel / Italy / USA, Hebrew-Italian, 1990)

Producer: Doron Eran

Director: Doron Eran

Actors: Tony Peck, Alessandra Mussolini, Arnon Zadok, Rami Danon

 Feature / Action Thriller

 Winner of Special Award of the Cita Del Vasto Film Festival, Italy

Back to freedom

It is a time of danger and turmoil and of military occupation of the country. A heavy drought cuts off all the water supply and citizens stand in line for their rations of water.

Jordan (TONY PECK), a young liberal journalist, realizes that he is being watched after he signed a petition against the military occupation. His phone is tapped, he no longer receives water coupons and his old friends avoid him.
Foreseeing the endgame, Jordan hides from the soldiers when they come from him. Soon, he starts his escape.
Listening to an underground radio station, he sets off to its broadcasting headquarters – in a far, remote village. There is the last stronghold of democracy – there lies his destiny.
On his way, Jordan is joined by a local who’s on the run from the military. The two, enemies by nature, proceed on a route towards freedom, making a trio with a young girl on her way for the same destination. Taking a cruel military general as hostage, the three find a strange kind of friendship in their joined hatred.