10 Lbs of Cocaine

10 Lbs of Cocaine

Based on the best-selling book by Sharon Itzhaki, “10 Lbs of Cocaine” tells the story of Sharon, a young and naive woman, who gets caught in La Paz international airport with a suitcase containing about 10 Lbs of cocaine, without being aware of its content. Awaiting trial, she is imprisoned in one of the toughest women’s prisons in Bolivia, “Miraflores”. There she becomes a drug dealer and addict, learning important lessons about life. 

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Michael Weiss is a TV news correspondent stationed in Jerusalem, reporting the events shaping the Middle East and furnishing headlines for the international media on a daily basis. His life turns upside down as the tension and terror inherent in his job mixes with his personal life when his daughter, suddenly, is murdered.

Once he reveals the identity of the killers, Michael sets out to take revenge.


“Dzigan & Shumacher”

Inspired by the life story of the famous Yiddish comic duo, Shimon Dzigan and Israel Shumacher. The two men met in the revolutionary Jewish theatre in Lodz, Poland in the 1920’s. They spent the following several decades as friends and partners – in a relationship complete with love, hate, and jealousy – and come through it all together, while becoming the most famous Yiddish comic duo in the 20th century, captivating and conquering Jewish audiences all over the world.



A feature film that tells the story of Yael, a 30-year-old street photographer in search of her true identity, in the process she discovers excruciatingly painful and destructive family secrets…

In theaters 2017