Doron Eran

10 Kilos of Cocaine

an 120 minutes feature film\ 4 TV episodes (Mini-Series)

Based on Sharon Yitzhaki’s bestselling autobiography by Amazon.

Sharon Yitzhaki traveled to Bolivia with a guy she barely knew. She was indicted in an attempt to smuggle 10 kilos of cocaine out of the country and sentenced to serve her time at one of the cruelest women’s prisons in the world. She quickly became a media sensation in Bolivia, had an affair with the head of La Paz’s drug cartel, established a family in prison that included a 7-year-old orphan and an amazing transgender, ran the cartel business in prison to protect her family, became addicted

to cocaine and quit to save the loved ones in her life, used a loophole in the law to smuggle herself and her family to Brazil, from there back to Tel Aviv and then wrote a detailed, bestselling autobiography.

All this before her 28th birthday.