Doron Eran

Producer / Director

A well-established Israeli producer / director with over 25 years of experience in feature films, TV dramas and documentary films.






In Production



Michael Weiss is a TV news correspondent stationed in Jerusalem, reporting on a daily basis the clamorous events shaping the Middle East and furnishing headlines for the international media. His life is turned upside down as the tension and…

“Dzigan & Shumacher”

Inspired by the life story of the famous Yiddish comic duo, Shimon Dzigan and Israel Shumacher. The two men met in the revolutionary Jewish theatre in Lodz, Poland in the 1920’s. They spent the following several decades as friends and partners…
תמונה אימרי ומייקל הטבלה

“New Spirit”

A new feature on the Saturday night news Planned release in the summer of 2017


A feature film that tells the story of Yael, a 30 year old street photographer in search of her true identity. In the process she discovers excruciatingly painful and destructive family secrets… In theaters in the summer of 2016
red hood setup

“The Redhood Setup”

A notorious Moroccan criminal, having served 10 years in a Russian prison, returns to Israel only to discover that his ‘business’ has been taken over by the Russian mafia.  Together with 15 year old Katia he must now go about setting things…